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Food Safety Consultation

Food Safety First

Your Trusted Partner in Food Safety Consultation, Safety and Compliance

Our comprehensive range of services is tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you require food safety audits, certification assistance, or expert guidance to navigate regulatory requirements, Ikari Shodoku has you covered. With our 60+ years of industry experience, we have a team of highly trained and experienced consultants ready to support you at every stage of your journey. Trust Ikari Shodoku to ensure food safety excellence and compliance for your business.

What We Do


We proceed to review existing SOPs, focusing on pest management, and validate them on-site. Utilizing monitoring traps, we assess the efficacy of these procedures and, as a result, implement new SOPs when necessary. This systematic approach ensures that our clients maintain the highest standards of food safety by continually improving and adapting their protocols.


We begin by planning and confirming the target pest, establishing a schedule with our clients. Our training approach involves progressive sessions aligned with different skill levels. We assess progress through skill evaluation tests, ensuring that the training remains suitable for each individual or team. As knowledge and competence advance, we seamlessly transition to the next level of training, equipping our clients with the expertise needed to effectively control the target pest.


We initiate the process by confirming the target pest and coordinating a schedule with our clients. Our dedicated team conducts thorough site inspections, in line with audit requirements, and provides detailed assessments along with Kaizen reports. We evaluate the site’s condition through monitoring traps and audits to ensure ongoing compliance with food safety standards. Furthermore, we take proactive steps to enhance the site’s condition by implementing Integrated Pest Management practices, thereby maintaining a secure and hygienic environment.


We begin by confirming the target pest and conducting a thorough investigation into the history of contamination. Our experts then delve into a comprehensive analysis of the product manufacturing process and the facility’s structural aspects. We meticulously sort and assess the risks of contamination based on the process flow. Finally, we take decisive action to enhance contamination prevention strategies and reduce overall risk, ensuring the utmost safety and quality in food production and handling processes.

What You Will Gain

Skill and Knowledge to meet ISO 22000 / FSSC / GMP / HACCP in terms of pest management.

Skill and Knowledge to enhance your SOP of the day-to-day operation and 5s SOP.

Skill and Knowledge of recording data and how to analyze it.

Skill and Knowledge to identify common pests found in food factories.

Reviewing current pest management programs including types, quantities and locations of monitoring devices and etc.

Establishing a quality internal QA team to become an internal auditor team in your factories.

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