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Pest Management

Breakthrough treatment and preventive management

Integrated Pest Control malaysia

Instead of traditional pest control methods we have adopted Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a breakthrough methodology to solve pest issues from the root. The focus now is on effective management of the problem using a balanced combination of knowledge, products and technology, while keeping the environment in mind at all times.

Ikari Shodoku’s proprietary IPM focuses not only on treatment but also on preventive management, designed to avoid problems from recurring and diseases from spreading beyond control. As such, assessment measures and analyses are essential components of our service.

Our commitment in pursuing advanced technological capabilities and product development is a priority. This is what gives us the ability to continue serving our clients in the event of new challenges, within residential homes or in commercial properties.

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How Do We Implement IPM

  • Monitoring device
  • Visual Inspection
  • Indentify / analyze the problem
  • Evaluation
Corrective Action
  • Filling the gap of building
  • Review the building structure design
  • Review the cleaning program
  • Use of chemical
  • Plan review
  • Verification of correction action

Why Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is important

  • Early detection of potential pest problem reduces risk of infestation
  • Monitoring of pest trend helps determine the right dispersion of pesticides
  • Accurate identification and monitoring of pest allows correct deployment of maintenance plans
  • Minimise disruption to daily operations
  • Avoid introducing new pest into the premises

At Ikari, we work closely with you to fully understand your business requirements to develop a sustainable IPM programme. We distinguish ourselves by conducting a thorough risk assessment of your site to identify potential pest problems that are then incorporated in our forward planning, regular monitoring and decision-making. Besides that, we are familiar with many industry’s regulations and auditing standards to better support you in your supply chain risk management.