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Pest control companies have actively transformed their practices over the years. There is now less usage of toxins to eliminate pests and a clear shift towards greener, more eco-sensitive solutions. This approach has proven to be incredibly effective and it’s the basic principle behind the dynamic Integrated Pest Management system.

Integrated Pest Management combines preventive and corrective measures to deal with pests while maintaining the safety of humans, pets and the wellbeing of the ecosystem. Integrated Pest Management always keeps a keen attention on the quality and welfare of the environment.

Ikari Shodoku specialises in Integrated Pest Management and focuses on solving pest problems from the root. Our methods are designed by incorporating decades of knowledge, highly-innovative products and new technology to remove pests while preserving the environment. We use a blend of biological, cultural and chemical practices to create the most ideal outcomes for our customers.

Ikari Shodoku’s IPM pest control system is a multi-faceted one that involves a number of processes broadly categorised under Analysis, Problem Solving and Risk Reduction. Further detailed steps include Inspection, Assessment and Improvements before employing cycles of education, monitoring, verification and planning. Our Integrated Pest Management methods prioritise preventive maintenance to avoid recurrence of problems and spreading of diseases.

Besides IPM, we’re glad to see rising trends in managing pests around the world, especially those driven by technology. Some of these include:

Smarter pest detection technology

Thermal imaging, for example, can detect pests and insect trails inside walls, as well as sources of moisture that attract pests in the first place. Usage of sensors are also becoming increasingly common to detect presence and movements of pests in hidden crevices.

Breakthrough applications of IPM in agriculture

Integrated Pest Management reduces dependence on harsh pesticides and places more emphasis on safer methods of pest control, including the use of natural predators. The agriculture industry is also seeing the use of more green products, biopesticides and non-chemical repellents.

The rise of pest-proof homes

Reducing the risk of pest infestation can be a proactive step to consider at early design stages of new homes or commercial properties. Efforts can be made to deliberately reduce dampness and increase the use of synthetic materials that would help deter pests such as rodents. More and more structures today also have termite barriers to save the hassle of dealing with these critters in the future.

Growing demand for complete assistance

Commercial and residential property owners prefer pest control solution providers that can offer total packages to sort out pest problems from start to finish. For effective Integrated Pest Management in Malaysia, Ikari Shodoku fits the bill by offering complete and comprehensive packages made to suit your convenience and local requirements. What’s more, we’re committed in pursuing advanced technology and trends that will continue to keep us at the forefront of the pest control industry.

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