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Japan’s top pest control company is a global brand

As a home-grown Japanese name, we’re humbled by the success of our brand internationally. Ikari Shodoku has grown from strength to strength, beginning with our first venture into Jakarta, Indonesia, before exploring other markets. Today we operate in 5 countries worldwide with a trained staff force of over 1000. As an international pest control company, we have proven the versatility of our Integrated Pest Management system at a global level. We’ve also grown stronger to serve you even better. Here’s how:

#1 Global growth fuels R&D and more innovation

Experience gained from providing pest control solutions in different regions gives us the insights to engineer updated treatments. R&D is the backbone of Ikari Shodoku and this is visible in our dedicated network of research centres, labs and institutes to conduct various analyses and tests. Read up more about it here

#2 Promote preventive management for cost savings

We strive not only to solve your existing pest problems, but also help to create an environment where recurring problems are less likely. This means fewer incidences of damages to assets and spread of infections in order to create a safer, uninterrupted work environment. In the long term this leads to cost savings plus reduction in hassle of dealing with high medical expenses, operational shutdowns and bad publicity.

# 3 Foster better cooperation with clients around the world

As an international pest control company, we have useful insights to share and we understand matters from your standpoint. Pest problems can create a lot of distress and frustrations. Rest assured, our commitment to high standards gives peace of mind as clients know that we have access to a wide collection international pest control data and case studies that will come in handy.

# 4 More customised services

Different regions call for different approaches when dealing with specific pests. Over the decades, this has resulted in Ikari Shodoku offering tailor-made services, formulated by understanding a client’s exact needs via crucial initial inspection stage. The goal is to resolve problems from the root.

# 5 Spread the love for the environment

You would know by now that we’re deeply passionate about maintaining a safe and beautiful environment that benefits us all in the long run. Our solutions are assured to be non-toxic with processes and methodologies designed by experts to minimise damage to the environment. This is consistent with our vision to create a cleaner and safer Malaysia and our mission to foster a healthier society through sustainability practices.

On the ground level, this means a tangible reduction in the spread of infectious diseases and cases of food poisoning, plus a stronger adherence to quality standards, particularly by F&B operators and industries.

We have you to thank!

The success we enjoy today is only possible thanks to your support and unwavering belief in effective pest control systems that protect the environment and precious water sources. Our tech-driven solutions go as far back as 60 years in Japan. We certainly look forward to make a greater impact around the world in the decades to come.

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