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Driving a culture of innovation and continuous improvement

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Setting a benchmark

Ikari Shodoku thrives on a culture of innovation, continuous improvement and the use of high technology to ensure consistent product and service quality. Some of our most important discoveries are made at our dedicated labs and research facilities:

LC Environmental Research Centre & West Japan Analysis Centre

A wide range of tests and analyses are done regularly here, including contaminant identification testing, microorganism testing, residual agricultural chemical analysis, concentration measurement verification and food & beverage testing. These tests are GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) compliant to ensure dependable accuracy.

Technical Research Laboratory

This facility has a particular reputation for research on the ecology and control of mice in urban environments. A variety of verification tests on effectiveness of chemicals and devices, as well as tests on penetration of packaging materials by pests are also conducted here. The lab houses an Engineering Center for R&D activities as well as a Distribution Centre to deliver devices and materials on short notice.

BMSA/ Institute for Environmental Culture Joint Test Lab

Jointly established by the Biomedical Science Association (BMSA) and the Institute for Environmental Culture, a fellow subsidiary of IKARI Corporation, this facility serves a crucial role as an infectious disease research and education institute. Here, a multitude of tests are conducted to study effects of virucides, disinfectants, filters and other antibacterial materials, particularly within sensitive environments such as hospitals.

Institute for Environmental Culture

With a focus on ‘Health and the Environment’ this research unit studies, publishes and shares volumes of essential information as part of its social contribution.