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It takes trained, experienced pest control professionals to eliminate pest problems from its source, by finding nests well hidden within cracks and crevices, while also ensuring that excessive chemicals don’t leach into the soil and harm you or the environment for decades to come.

It’s a brand-new year, dear readers! While you have trumped many challenges in the past, some problems seem to persist (and even grow) year after year, right? Perhaps it’s time to put an end to what’s bugging you.

Common pests are more dangerous than you think. Cockroaches are effective carriers of cholera, typhoid fever, diarrhoea and dysentery. They can also trigger asthma attacks.

Mosquitoes are notorious for causing malaria and dengue. WHO estimates that 390 million infections of the latter occur every year, primarily in Asia. In 2019, there were 130101 dengue cases locally, resulting in 182 deaths!

Then there are rodents, a common sight along residential back alleys. Water and soil contaminated by urine from these pests can cause the dreaded leptospirosis, leading to liver failure, kidney damage, respiratory problems and even death. Clearly, without proper pest control measures, things can get pretty nasty!

Your properties could suffer too.

Sightings of a rodent casually perusing food shelves in a restaurant could spell an immediate end to the reputation of that business if shared on social media.

Even at home, you could be oblivious to pests hard at work. Silverfish and cockroaches can damage precious collections of books, fabrics and photographs. Termites can do even more damage by eating away at the foundation of your home. These little critters never sleep, and unsurprisingly, cause an estimated property damage worth RM40 million a year without pest control intervention. Did you also know that termite queens live longer than any insect in the world? They can live up to 50 years and produce over 9 million eggs their lifetime!

Want to end your worries? Time for pest control!

Here’s where you need to pay close attention: any pest control company can eliminate visible pests with huge amounts of toxic chemicals sprayed along the perimeter of your premises. Sure enough, you’ll stop seeing pests for a few days. But this does not solve the problem.

IPM makes all the difference
Your first encounter with Ikari Shodoku will tell you that we are no regular pest control experts. With skills and technology cultivated in Japan over 60 years, we have formulated a globally-recognised Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to solve pest issues from the root before we take preventive solutions to avoid recurrences. Our strength lies in having a balanced mix of knowledge, tech and innovative products as well as a strong focus on monitoring activities, assessment measures and analysis.

And through it all, we maintain an unwavering focus on preserving the environment for the greater good. Get help from the right people with the right principles today, call 60 13-332 8830.

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