Sonic Barrier Neo

Ultrasonic Rat Repellent

An advanced ultrasonic rat-proof device to prevent rodents from entering the building from outside. Emitting waves between 15 to 25kHz, it creates an environment that rodents can’t stand, ensuring a rodents-free space.


  • Ideal for food and non-food factories, commercial buildings, cinemas, warehouses, logistics centers.
  • Dual-frequency modulation prevents rodents from adapting to the ultrasonic waves.
  • Safeguard entrances and critical areas from rodent invasions.
  • Prevent rodents from inhabiting inside the building

Product Family:

  • Sonic Barrier β – Fully automatic water-resistant device that’s ideal for use outdoors and in wet areas
  • Sonic Checker – Ultrasonic diagnostic tool that measures effectiveness of Sonic devices by inspecting sound pressure level emitted by speakers
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